NTBS & NCA Support Slow Down Move Over

By 13/12/2018NTBS

NTBS & NCA support AVRO and The Slow Down Move Over Campaign to improve the safety of vehicle recovery and Breakdown operators.

Your input will help Avro improve the safety of the recovery industry.

AVRO are building a ‘near miss’ register and we need your input. Our industry has inherited yet another problem created by others and our suppliers and their employees are being put at risk without proper protection.

AVRO is continuing to lobby for a change in legislation to ensure the recovery industry has the same level of protection as other roadside workers. An official register will help us understand the full extent of the dangers that you and your employees experience every day so please take a minute to complete the ‘AVRO incident form’ at every opportunity.

As time goes by AVRO intend to publish the results periodically to illustrate a geographical representation of near miss information to help identify any regional hotspots. All information given will be classed as confidential and individual’s details will not be released wihtout prior authorisation.

Copy this link for future use https://goo.gl/forms/EyZ6Kdk3LLISieZa2

Priority on a breakdown is always the operators and drivers safety please help the industry stay safe!


For Further information visit www.avrouk.com or www.slowdownmoveover.uk